Make Online Banner Advertising Work For Your Local Business

Make Online Banner Advertising Work For Your Local Business

Local businesses are always aiming to fine tune their marketing tactics in order to hit the target market in a manner that is profitable.

There are numerous approaches that one can take, but many marketing departments fail in the long-run because they do not have the right approach.

This is where online banner advertising has been used to establish increased productivity among local businesses that want to transcend into the upper echelon.

Let’s take a look at tips one should consider when implementing online banner advertising into the marketing plan.


6 Ways I Use The Internet To Attract More Customers

6 Ways I Use The Internet To Attract More Customers

When bringing a business online, it’s important to many people to be able to market to their local customer base.

While this can be spread across all advertising methods to reach locals and out of area customers alike, it’s in your best interests to target your local customer base with specific strategies.

In recent years, localized SEO and advertising strategies through different outlets and using different methods have been developed.

The following are six proven Internet marketing strategies for reaching those local customers both for better profits and as a branding strategy.


Advertising Your Website Through Outdoor Banners

When we talk about banner advertising on this website, we usually limit ourselves to online advertising, but nowadays, the internet is so prevalent that it is actually a good idea to start advertising outdoors as well.

In fact, while most kinds of physical advertising is slowly making its way out, particularly, mailing lists, outdoor advertising is actually more popular than ever. This is because it still reaches people who leave their houses, and for those who are a captive audience, say the ones who are commuting or stuck in traffic jams, outdoor banners are actually a welcome distraction, as they can be attractive and entertaining.


 How to make an Outdoor Banner:


The best way to advertise your website is to use large banners for scaffolding construction. These banners are large, and usually hang on pre-built metal scaffolds that either stand alone or affixed to existing structures.

So how do you advertise your website using outdoor banners?
gym bannerBuy the right spot
The most important part about putting up an outdoor banner is that the location should be good. Your location determines everything from your sales to how memorable your ad is. You need it to be highly visible, while also being relevant to the ones who are interested in your work.

For example, if your website is about car repair in England, you should be sure to place your ads along a local British highway close to where your company is located. This will ensure the fact that your motorists are the ones who will benefit from your ad, as it is relevant to them.

Make sure your name and URL are visible and memorable
Branding is extremely important because you want to make sure that your website takes centre stage for your scaffold banner. You want to make sure that your brand name is easy to search using a search engine, and that your URL is easy to find with a simple search, even if it is misspelled by the one typing.

Keep it simple
Your ad should stand out but not be too distracting as this could pose a danger to motorists passing by. Your ad should be simple and bold, so that it has the most amount of appeal. It should also stand out and be memorable. Be bold and straight to the point.

website bannerAdd a QR code
For smaller billboards and posters, you can use a QR code to help advertise your site. A QR code is a piece of printed code similar to a bar code, that can be scanned using the camera of your smartphone.

The QR code will allow them to access your website without even having to search or type in your url. Of course, the best way to ensure that people will use your QR code is to offer perks – anyone who uses your QR code from your ad can either get a discount off your services or receive other free perks.

So do not limit advertising to websites alone. You can advertise effectively using physical ads as well.

How to Digitally Market Your Company – a DIY Case Study

How to Digitally Market Your Company – a DIY Case Study

When it comes to marketing a company online, there are many things that you can do in order to ensure that your brand gets the exposure that it badly needs. In such a huge market, with so much competition, it really only makes sense that you do all that you can in order to get people to know who you are.

A company had recently approached me in order to ask me how they can digitally market their company by themselves. This is something that is a bit rare these days, given that most companies would rather hire someone else to do this for them so they don’t have to think about it.

Build A Digital Strategy in 5 Steps

So with my guidance, this drainage unblocking company that approached me then tried their own approach to see if they could see some success. They fared quite well, if I do say so myself! So of course, here are a few tips, the same that I gave them, that you can use if you decide to go at it alone.

Make Sure Your Branding is Good
Before you even start with marketing your company with things such as banners and ads everywhere else… it is important to ensure that the branding of your company is good. Make sure it speaks to the customer and tells them what you are all about.

Ensure that it is memorable, so that people will see your branding and remember your company right away. Make sure that your branding relates to the industry you are in in one way or another as well. If you must, hire someone to do the designing for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything else.

keywordsChoose the Right Keywords
When you are starting a marketing campaign on the internet it is important to come up with the right keywords which will work out for your company, and which will be searched for by many.

There are tons of different ways to find the right keyword and figure out the ones that will work best for your marketing campaign.

The company did their own research and arrived at the conclusion that unblock drain in sheffield was the best keyword they could use.Of course it is not the only one–it is just going to be the main focus of their campaign.

Guest Posts, Paid Features, Gaining Klout
With this keyword in mind they took to the blogosphere and social media, earning klout and getting feature after feature and doing guest post after guest post. This allows them to gain more links leading to their website that are actually geniune, while at the same time allowing them to build credibility.

kloutHire an SEO Company
If all else fails, you can always hire an SEO company to do the work for you. Or once you have completed the work you can consult to see where you can improve and do more, or if there is anything else that needs to be fixed.

Increasing Sales with Online Advertising

Increasing Sales with Online Advertising

Online advertising has just one real purpose: to increase sales. In my case, we wanted to increase the outdoor gym equipment sales of a client so that they receive more conversions.

Right now, outdoor fitness is very trendy, with more and more people choosing to forego regular gyms and choosing to exercise outside in the sun instead.

There is certainly a huge demand for outdoor equipment right now, but unless your brand is out there, fewer people will be able to buy your products.

For our client, we offered up ideas for several online advertising methods that will possibly increase their sales.

Viral videos
viral-videoViral videos are one of the best ways for you to gain traction online. The cost of the video depends on what you plan on showing, but generally, you need to make something that is extremely entertaining.

Viral videos are only viral if they get shared to naturally and spread by people to their friends. Viral videos amass thousands of views over a short period of time, so make sure that your video is something that resonates with people.

Generally, it is difficult to determine what becomes viral, but impressive feats, strange things, and cute things all tend to increase your chances of going viral.

For example, in our pitch to our client, we put together a humorous video set at an outdoor gym.

Banner advertising
A more traditional method would be to do some banner advertising. Banner advertising uses your own personalised banner ad to promote your website and your products.

They can be displayed above a site or on the side, and you can even pay social media services such as Facebook to advertise your banner for you.

Web show sponsorship
If there is a popular web show that matches your outdoor gym theme, try to ask if they are willing to have you sponsor them. They can also do a video featuring your products.


For example, a web show that focuses on fitness and exercise can do a video showing your outdoor gym. They can show their viewers how to use the various contraptions.

All you have to do is to pay the web show owner the corresponding price, and they will be happy to promote your work for you.

Search engine optimization
Then, there is search engine optimization which uses keywords to push your website up on search engine queries. Search engines such as Google is one of the primary ways people find websites online.


They use keywords, and the most relevant matches for the keywords show up near the top.

Search engine optimization is a great tool, because various methods are used to make your website more relevant to the keyword.

After all, websites that show up near the top of a web engine search are more likely to be trusted websites, which of course you want to be.

For example, an outdoor gym can use keywords such as “outdoor fitness”, “outdoor gym”, and the like.

This video explains everything you need to know about online sales and marketing:

How to Advertise Your Homeopathy School Online

How to Advertise Your Homeopathy School Online

Advertising for a school of homeopathy can be a bit difficult considering how controversial homeopathy is. There are people who swear by it, while others are not convinced about the healing powers of homeopathy, so advertising for such a subject can be very difficult. You will need to be able to find the correct niche for your school.

Here is how you can advertise for your homeopathy school online:

Use long-tail keywords
To be able to target the correct niche, you will have to use something called “long tail” keywords. “Long tail” keywords and “fat head” keywords are just the advertising jargon for specific and broad keywords respectively. Fat head, or broad keywords usually get a lot of hits, but provide fewer conversions in the long run.


The Art of Rhetoric: Persuasive Techniques of Advertising:

On the other hand, long tail keywords or specific keywords are much better at targeting your audience. For example, simply typing “homeopathy” won’t get that many conversions compared to “homeopathy schools in London”.

Use banner advertising on Facebook and homeopathy blogs
Banner advertising is still highly relevant online as long as your ad is attractive and catches people’s attention without being too invasive. You can pay for Facebook banner ads and also target homeopathy blogs by simply emailing the blog owner.

google adsOf course, you often have to pay for this kind of exposure but you can be assured that you will be reaching your target market. Homeopathic blogs have readers that are interested in learning the subject and are more likely to apply for your school, while Facebook users are grouped according to their interests.

Use text ads on Google
Alternatively, you can use text ads instead of banner ads. They are simpler because they come with no accompanying image, but your text will have to be relevant and eye catching all by itself. Google uses people’s search engine results to link people to your ad. They may be placed at the top of the search results or at the edge of the screen.

This is where your long tail keywords such as “homeopathy schools in London” come in.

Invest in Cost per click advertising
Cost per click is perhaps the most cost effective kind of banner or text advertisement because you only have to pay each time someone clicks on the ad that you posted. This is great for affiliated advertising jobs, such as on blogs, because you will get real world results of how effective your advertising is and which websites get you the most exposure.

web adsInvest in native ads
Native advertising is when the ad matches the form and the function of its advertising platform. In other words, your ads are placed in the content of the website instead of sticking out like usual types of ads.

Native ads are often called “promoted ads” because they can be featured by a blogger or a person of interest as one of their own ads. For example, a good article that talks about one’s experience while studying at a homeopathy school is a great native ad for a school that specialises in homeopathy.

Unique Selling Propositions and How to Use them for Your Website

Circuit BoxI was helping an electrician in St Albans get more traffic for his website. I noticed that while his site was pretty good, he had no real USPs. His website is generic, and it was very forgettable because it has nothing of interest. He needed something to spice it up, just to make an impression on his site visitors.

For those who do not know, USP stands for Unique Selling Propositions. USPs are what sets you apart from other sellers of a product. They are often called “gimmicks”, but unlike gimmicks, which are considered insincere and unconvincing, USPs should charm a client and make it interesting for them.

Being an electrician in St Albans can be difficult as there is a lot of competition in the area – there are literally hundreds of electricians currently employed in St Albans, so a freelance, independent contractor can have a very hard time standing out from the others.

What is a USP?
A USP is any positive trait of your business that makes your business stand out from others. It differentiates your product or service from the rest of the market – think of it as a signature that helps people remember your name and your product. For many new and quirky companies that are coming out, their USPs are very obvious.

For example, a dog café sets itself apart for being the only café that has live dogs walking around the coffee shop while you sip on your espresso. While there are hundreds of coffee shops everywhere, they are the only ones in the area that incorporate dogs.

Why USP is Important for Businesses

The problem with USPs is that it can be very difficult for conventional companies to find their USP. In our case, our electrician’s only USP is that he has been in the business for the past twenty years. While this is a legitimate USP, it simply was not interesting enough. So, we had to dig a little deeper.

How to find your USP
Lightbulb BusinessOur St Albans electrician is obviously a very good electrician and he quite possibly may be the best. Unfortunately, “being the best” is rarely something that people go for. What you need is to find something that makes you unique, which can eventually make you look like the best.

Our electrician decided that for his website, he wanted to do something that was interesting – He is a good singer, so his USP was that he can serenade you while working. Yes, I admit that this was a funnier kind of USP, but believe it or not, once we added the tid bit to his site, more people started calling for him. The thing is, people thought it was charming, and the “friendly neighbourhood singing electrician” was something that we could really work with.

Eventually, he was able to expand on his USP and it really made his business boom over time. I was glad that I was able to help him, and now he has a dedicated network of clients.

Local Business Feature: Plumbing Services in Lancashire

Plumbing PipesI was working with various plumbing services in Lancashire to help them advertise their businesses online. I had to provide critique and offer them my advertising expertise so that they can increase traffic to their website and experience higher conversions.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “conversions”, it is when a reader of your website chooses to connect with you and become your client. For most websites, you typically see conversion rates of 8%. This means that out of 100 people visiting your site, only eight of them choose to hire you as their plumber.

It could be that your plumbing services are already the best in Lancashire, but if people find that your website is not good enough, they may skip over you to find someone else. Online, the competition is very stiff, so unless you work on improving your website, you may end up with a fewer conversions than that of your competitors.

How To Create A Good Landing Page

One of the plumbing businesses that approached me already have a great website with only few improvements needed. In this feature, I will point out what they did right:

A great landing page
Homepage NavigationA landing page is basically your home page or preview page – it allows your web visitors to see what you do at a glance. The plumbing company’s website that I worked with had a fantastic landing page: It was neatly designed and eye-catching and had all of the things that people look for on a landing page about plumbers.

Your landing page is the page of your site that people end up in when they click on a link or a search engine result. Think of it as the business card of your website – first impressions count, and your landing page should be able to remind visitors why you are the best for the job. Add updated pictures of your plumbers and make sure that contact details are easily accessible.

Is full of Unique Selling Points (USPs)
Unique Selling PointsOne thing that is important in online advertising, especially for plumbing businesses is that you have a unique selling point or USP. Plumbing is unfortunately a very competitive business and the majority of people believe that all plumbing services are the same and completely interchangeable. Of course, this is not true, so it is up to you to convince the customer that you are better.

Filling your website with USPs will help them decide to convert. In our example, our plumbing site mentioned that they have been in the business for more than a decade now and that they are work quickly and discreetly. These are two USPs that they included on their website.

A plumbing website is all about making a good impression. Your site should be easy to navigate, and if you know how to add good USPs, you will see an increase in conversions over time. Just keep the site updated and make all contact details easy to find and easy to use.

Local Business Feature: Hard Wood Furniture Store

Wooden FurnitureSo I have been working with this local business for a while now… They started consulting with me just about three months ago to see how to improve the reach of their business and how to gain a bigger audience so that they can potentially get new leads. And of course… That is my specialty—to help businesses to get their online presence out there, and to help them get it bigger so that they can get a bigger following.

I checked in with this company recently to see how they were doing. This company by the way is a hard wood furniture store. They sell all kinds of stuff—and yes, all of it is in real hard wood, and they sell rosewood furniture too, for those who are interested in that. I happen to like rosewood, so I’m just sharing that little tidbit. ;) Anyway, they were doing really well, both online and offline. The increased online presence has improved their web traffic quite a lot.


Promoting a Local Business Online

Let’s talk a bit about what they did in order to become a bit more popular online, and how they built up their audience!

Online Advertising
Online AdvertisingOne of the ways in which this company really got ahead in my opinion is through online advertising. Not everyone can afford to pay for advertising online, but the truth is if you want to make really quick progress then the easiest, fastest way to do it is by… guess what?

Paid advertising, of course! If you really know what you’re doing, you could get fast results and a lot of hype online. Once you get that initial flow of traffic going to your site, you can then begin to create some content which can go viral and keep the flow of people and attention going.

You can advertise on Google via Adsense, or even on Facebook (by buying advertising or by ‘promoting’ your posts). There are many other ways to advertise, and many other ad networks you can do it with… but those two I have just mentioned are the biggest.

Hire a Social Media Manager
Social Media ManagerThis company also hired a social media manager to take care of all their business online so they don’t have to worry any more about creating content and managing the online aspect of their customer service. The social media manager took care of everything, from posting daily things on their Facebook to responding to tweets. They even post a picture on instagram once in a while. It’s pretty good.

Of course if you cannot afford to hire a social media manager just yet, then you can delegate the task to someone who is a bit more internet savvy and have them consult a social media manager so that they will know what to do. A single consultation (or a few) will still be cheaper than hiring a new social media manager full time. Or if you’d like you can also share the responsibility amongst a few employees.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising Online for Criminal Defence Solicitors

I came upon a website called that specializes in criminal defense services, especially for crimes such as fraud and other general crimes.

I noticed that they had a very good website that was informative and easy to navigate.


After all, if you are someone who finds themselves in the middle of a criminal investigation, you will obviously want to visit a criminal defense solicitor’s website that is well-made and easy to use.

Stuart Miller uses minimal graphics but makes good use of their website’s design.

Advertising for a legal practice has many do’s and don’ts that I will discuss here. If you are a criminal defense solicitor wishing to advertise your practice, you can start here.

Do Make a Good Website

A good website is something that all criminal defense solicitors will need. For example, Stuart Miller uses a simple navigation bar that organizes its services by type.

If you need criminal defense for fraud accusations, you just use the drop down menu to find what you are looking

Hire a graphic designer and web developer and make sure that you pay for your own domain name.

Don’t Make Your Own Website

Unless you are a web developer, you should not attempt to make your own website. Leave it to the professionals.

Do Make Use of Display Ads and Banners

Few people actively seek out a criminal defense lawyer. What you want to do is to make use of display ads and banner son other websites so that you get your brand out there. You want to make sure that your name is visible and that your brand is trustworthy.


Display ads will help your firm reach more audiences and potential clients.

Don’t Spam Websites

While banner ads are good for increasing your practice’s reputation, spamming will do the opposite. For example, using methods such as pop up ads, moving banner ads that play sounds as soon as you open a web page, and banners that require an additional click to exit all look like spam and irk consumers.

Do Show off Your Credentials


Advertising online also means that you have more leeway to convince clients that you have the best practice out there.

Stuart Miller Solicitors for example, mentions on their website that they have been in practice for nearly 30 years, having been established in 1984. They also offer their history on their site, as well as a list of certifications, accreditation and reviews.

Don’t “shout” on the internet

e-mail-etiquette-4-728Credentials should be readily visible but not “loud”. Avoid “shouting” on the internet by not adding overly large credentials in bold and all caps lettering. It looks cluttered and insincere.

Stuart Miller makes its credentials look small and unobtrusive, while still highly visible for visitors of the site.

Criminal law practices can be advertised with tact and discipline. The key is to look professional while also appearing approachable. People who look for criminal lawyers want someone skilled but empathetic to their side